Photos 2016 - 2017


JULY 2017

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies


JUNE 2017

Reception Science Week

Reception Mud Banquet

Year 4 reproduce the Bayeux Tapestry - Brilliant!!

Year 6 Puzzle Company visit

Reception Colour Scope workshop

Year 6 football v Adel

Year 6 design and make fairground rides

More Year 1 maths puzzles

Year 1 Maths Puzzles

Year 1 Reasoning afternoon


MAY 2017

Reception class and the Tiger Who Came To Tea

Year 4 at Meanwood Valley Farm

Year 1 record breaking walk

Reception and their chicks

Reception home-school books

Year 1 make graphs


APRIL 2017

Year 2 maths afternoon with parents

Reception visited by a fire fighter

Year 1 Reasoning Afternoon

Reception class egg sandwich

Reception mini beasts

Reception home-school books


MARCH 2017

Motto Services present books

Year 4 make their own stained glass windows

Year 4 design and make electrical switches

Year 3 at Herd Farm

Sports Hall athletics competition (October 2016)

Year 4 architectural sketches

Year 2 make 3D shapes

Reception Peter Pans and Tinkerbells



Year 1 brilliant learning logs

Reception have a visitor - photo

Reception Home School books

Reception Baby Clinic

Year 1 Polar Exploration Day

Year 1 National Storytelling Week

Year 3 compass treasure hunt

Year 5 at Ripon Workhouse

Year 5 e-safety assembly

Year 4 soup kitchen

Year 4 recipes - have a go!!

Year 2 visit St. James Church

Year 4 Safer Internet Day - first impressions

Year 1 and Reception reading

Year 1 visit Leeds City Museum

Year 1 Pyjama Day photo

Year 3 philosophy session on "happiness"



Year 2 vehicle building and testing

Year 2 reading poetry in December 2016

Year 2 Henry Moore sculptures

Year 5 measuring gravity

Year 5 water resistance

Year 5 measuring air resistance

Year 1 National Storytelling Week

Reception Chinese New Year activities

Year 2 measurement activities

Reception - Home School books examples

Reception - the Mystery Box

Deighton's Got Talent from December 2016

Reception Space Day



Year 2 Christmas production

Key Stage 1 Christmas party



Kiddy Cook Christmas Club

Funky Science Club - worms

Funky Science Club - volcanoes

VIDEO: Funky Science Club - volcanoes

Reception Christmas Craft afternoon

VIDEO: Year 5 - Jake's ancient Egyptian homework

Year 1 at Wetherby High - multi sports skills

Sports Hall Challenge

Year 4 parallel and perpendicular

Reception Humpty Dumpty team building

Year 1 visited by a fire fighter

Year 4 maths - using arrays

Year 4 investigate tooth decay

Year 4 Cross-Stitch

Reception spiders ...



Year 2 Healthy Living workshop

Year 4 Anglo Saxon fact treasure hunt

Year 4 Anglo Saxon assembly photos

VIDEO: Year 4 Anglo Saxon assembly

VIDEO: Reception Beebots

Reception Beebots

Reception at Harlow Carr

Down at the Dairy with Reception class

PHOTOS: Class Dynamics - One Leeds music workshop for Years 4, 5 and 6

VIDEO: Class Dynamics - One Leeds music workshop for Years 4, 5 and 6

Reception class Home School books

Reception - what we have been getting up to



Year 1 science activity

Year 1 measuring activities

Year 4 PE activities

Year 1 using their senses

Year 4 - Making models of the digestive system

Year 1 - first days back at school

4LD first day - All About Me!

Reception New Starters


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